Drop-In Policy


We get a large number of visitors from affiliates around the world, and are very happy to be CrossFit’s unofficial East Coast hub.

Here’s how to Drop-In at CFNYC:

1. Please have your affiliate send us an email to info@crossfitnyc.com to confirm your CrossFit experience before you plan to drop in.

We cannot accept unannounced drop ins to classes who have not sent confirmation of their experience from their current affiliate. Note: Drop Ins must have completed an “Elements” or “On Ramp” program at a CrossFit Affiliate before attending classes and have been actively CrossFitting during the past 30 days.

2. Email info@crossfitnyc.com (before arriving) to sign up for your class.

This way you can find out about class availability and…

3. Choose your class level: Beginner or Experienced.

We recommend Beginner programming to those who are in their first year of CrossFit or new to the Olympic lifts. If you have been CrossFitting regularly, then Experienced programming is likely a better fit for you.  For Competition and Barbell Club classes, you’ll need coaches permission to attend due to limited spaces in those classes.

Wondering what the schedule is? You can check out our schedule for both locations here.

Please note that of our 200-plus classes per week, the following classes are normally full and therefore unavailable to drop-ins:

Monday 7:00 AM eWOD at 28th
Monday 6:00 PM bWOD at 28th
Monday 7:00 PM bWOD at 28th
Tuesday 7:00 AM eWOD at 28th
Tuesday 6:00 PM bWOD at 28th
Tuesday 7:00 PM bWOD at 28th

Wondering what the WOD is? You can find all of our workouts here.

If you have any questions about which class is right for you, please contact info@crossfitnyc.com.

4. If it’s your first time dropping in to CFNYC, try to arrive 15 minutes early.

Stop by the front desk to sign in and say hello.  You will be asked to fill out a waiver before starting class.

5. Be sure to introduce yourself to the Coach at the beginning of class.

Let the coach know your level of experience with CrossFit training, and if you have any limitations, so they can help make your WOD great. We look forward to working out with you!

6. If you need to cancel your class, please reply to the confirmation email at least two full hours prior to the class, and you will be issued a full refund.

If you are unable to attend the class you have reserved, and you do not reply by email at least two hours prior to the class, you will be charged for the class. (Please note that once you schedule a drop-in at CrossFit NYC, a space in that class is no longer available for anyone else.)

7. Prices!

The drop in price is $35 per class or $99 per week (plus 4.5% NYS tax).