CrossFit Fundamentals
CrossFit Fundamentals is our on-ramp program that provides a crash-course on the basics of CrossFit. There are no prerequisites to attend Fundamentals and you don’t have to be in shape to start! Nearly everyone who is in Fundamentals is taking one of their first 8 classes at CrossFit NYC.

Fundamentals classes are similar to our CrossFit Beginner classes, except they are smaller with an average of 8 and a maximum of 12 participants which means more time for individual instruction and encouragement during class. You’ll practice perfect form on the movements that make up our workouts, learn how to scale movements appropriately to your own level, and start ramping up your fitness with a CrossFit workout at the end of each class. All classes are one hour long with an emphasis on safety, scaling, and proper form. Each class will review a common skill or strength movement in CrossFit and end with a fun workout. After taking 8 of our Fundamentals classes, you’ll be ready to move onto our Beginner workouts.

Fundamentals classes are taught by coaches who love introducing CrossFit to new people. We teach people how to move well, and coaches are trained to help you pursue your health and fitness goals.

These classes are tailored specifically to our newest members in their first year of CrossFit. We know that CrossFit can be intimidating, so our beginner classes help ease people in. These classes use lighter weights, scaled versions of difficult movements, and include more time reviewing the basics of safe and efficient technique. These classes are open to all members, regardless of experience level, and some veteran CrossFitters prefer the pace of this programming track to Experienced WODs.

After the first year of CrossFit, many members feel like they’ve mastered the basics, and are looking for more nuanced instruction, as well as a competitive workout environment. Our Experienced WODs help members continue to make real gains in their strength, endurance, Olympic Lifting, and gymnastics skills.

CrossFit isn’t just a great way to work out; it’s also a sport, in and of itself. Each year, you can watch the Reebok CrossFit Games on ESPN, which crowns the fittest man and woman in the world, with a million dollar prize purse.

Competition class allows athletes with an interest in pursuing CrossFit as a sport to hone the finer points of their game (whether Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, or gymnastics), and to move heavier weights at higher intensities, head to head with other similarly skilled athletes. This class is open by audition with the supervising coach Bobby Gorvetzian.  If you are interested in joining, please contact Bobby for more information.

Endurance (aka CFE)
CrossFit WODs alone are sufficient to bring athletes to such a high level of fitness that a number of our members have run marathons, for example, with no additional running training outside the WOD. For serious endurance athletes (in sports like running, cycling, swimming and rowing), however, supplementing WODs with endurance training helps members go faster, further, with less work, and with less working out.

Functional Strength
Functional Strength programming is a one hour class designed to get you as strong as possible. This class will mix learning new strength movements with odd objects (i.e. sandbags, farmer’s handles, sleds) with classic lifts and familiar body weight movements. It’s a fantastic opportunity to improve your overall strength through strength-specific programming and Strongman style accessory work. All levels of CrossFit experience (Beginner, Experienced, Competition) are welcome to attend this supplemental class.

This hour long class focuses on Olympic Lifting technique and is taught by coaches who have experience in competitive Olympic Weightlifting. To participate, you should complete our Fundamentals Class sequence first.

The programming varies from session to session and is meant to complement the Experienced or Beginner WOD programming. You should not plan on doing both a CrossFit class and the Olympic Weightlifting class on the same day; it is a standalone workout.

Black Box Barbell Club
This is a specialty class dedicated for members looking to train exclusively in Olympic Weightlifting and compete at the Local and National Level. Programming is laid out weeks and months in advance, in order to peak for specific competitions during the year. Members are expected to attend at least 3 out of the 5 programmed workouts in the week, attend our monthly Mock Meets, and spectate or compete at local competitions. In order to become a member of the Barbell Club you need to be familiar with the Olympic Lifts, their variations, their ancillary movements, and have established personal bests in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

If you have questions about the club, prerequisites for entry, or your experience level, please contact Coach Brian. Check out the club on Instagram @blackboxbarbell_nyc.

Open Gym
Open Gym is run like any other class in terms of pre-registration and attendance policy. The coach on duty ensures that the space remains organized and safe during the class. There is no instruction during this class. We reserve the right to stop any workout deemed unsafe to the athlete or those around them.

All members are welcome to sign up for Open Gym classes once they have completed CrossFit Fundamentals, though we generally recommend it as a training option for our more experienced members.

How To Seminars
How To seminars are hour long specialty classes run by our expert coaches on a variety of topics. These seminars are included in the membership and give members a chance to focus on learning a skill like: muscle ups, double unders, and kettlebell skills. How To seminars are open to all members once they have completed CrossFit Fundamentals classes.