About CrossFit NYC

CrossFit NYC is one of the ten oldest CrossFit affiliates in the world.

  • We were the first in New York, and we are by far the largest.
  • We are one of Men’s Fitness’s 10 Best CrossFit Gyms in America.
  • We run over 200 classes per week at 50 West 28th Street (15,000 square feet over two floors, men’s and women’s locker rooms and showers on each floor).
  • We run over 100 classes per week at 157 Columbus Avenue (6,000 square feet with men’s and locker rooms and showers).
  • We have more workout space per member than any CrossFit in the City.

CrossFit NYC is unique in offering a special track for new members. When you show up here, you are not thrown into classes with advanced athletes and left to “catch up.” You don’t need first to get in shape to be welcome at CrossFit NYC. The vast majority of our new members can’t do a pull-up. Most have never touched a barbell. We will give you all the advice and coaching you need to take your fitness level from wherever you are now to wherever you want to be.

When you’re in a class at a typical gym, you may be sweating, but you’re probably not learning. (When was the last time your spin instructor taught you something?) At CrossFit NYC, we are all about teaching our members to move safely and efficiently. We have a team of experienced coaches who plan all our weekly classes, guaranteeing that our members get thoughtful workouts that encourage progress and minimize the chance of injury.

We start every new member with our Four-Class Fundamentals sequence that teaches the basics of CrossFit in small classes (typically 4 to 8 people). After the Fundamentals sequence, new members usually spend their first year taking Beginner classes. We currently run over 200 Beginner classes each week. When you’re ready, we have Experienced and even Competition classes. We also offer specialty classes for Endurance, Olympic Lifting, Functional Strength, and Mobility.