Black Box NYC



CrossFit NYC is one of the five oldest CrossFit affiliates in the world (2006).

When we first opened our doors and sold our first CrossFit NYC tee shirt, it had one word on the front: RESPECT.

On Saturday, CrossFit founder and CEO, Greg Glassman responded to a Tweet by The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation saying that “Racism is a Public Health Issue” by responding, “It’s Floyd-19.”

At a time when the world is asking whether Black Lives Matter and answering with an unequivocal YES, Greg Glassman has reduced George Floyd’s life to a bad metaphor.

Greg Glassman knows how intensely the CrossFit community honors the lives of those who have died tragically, early, and unjustly. CrossFit has created over a hundred “Hero WOD’s” in their names.

Continuing to miss the point, CrossFit has since tweeted that “Floyd is a hero in the black community.” Wrong. George Floyd is a hero in the world community. 

In the early days of CrossFit, the announcement of a Hero WOD brought an outpouring of grief and mourning to the message boards. I have no doubt that anyone who had trivialized that grief would have been swiftly removed from the CrossFit community by Glassman himself.  In that same spirit, we will now be removing our gym from the CrossFit community. Going forward we will be Black Box NYC.