Updated Procedures For CrossFit NYC Classes Regarding Coronavirus (March 2020)

Although the risk of Covid-19 is relatively low in New York City, CrossFit NYC is closely following the guidelines given by the CDC which can be found here.

The virus is thought to be spread from person-to-person contact between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet) through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. By following some simple preventative measures, we can decrease the potential risk of spreading this virus.

All members should follow these guidelines in order to keep CFNYC’s community healthy:

1. Wipe down all of your equipment before you put it back at the end of class.

As an additional safety precaution, we are formalizing our procedure for cleaning equipment. Near the end of each class, your coach will ask ask you to take a disinfectant wipe and clean all of your equipment. Spray bottles of isopropyl alcohol and paper towels will also be available at each whiteboard. We ask that this practice be adhered to in each class or anytime you use a piece of equipment, so that all of our members know with certainty that equipment they reach for during class was cleaned since it was last used.

Depending on the WOD, we may need to do this more than once during the class (e.g., if certain equipment is put away at the end of the part of the WOD before starting another part). If you cannot find disinfectant wipes, please speak with a staff member.

2. Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer.

Please review the CDC guidelines on hand washing by clicking here. Hand sanitizer will be available at the Front Desk or in dispensers near the front desk.

3. Cleaning at both locations.

Our cleaning crews will be working seven days per week, and disinfecting the bathrooms and gym floor.

4. We are removing the community chalk buckets from the floor at both locations.

For the remainder of March, we are removing the chalk buckets from the gym floor. Until we know more, we think it is unwise for our members to be sharing chalk. For individual use, we will be purchasing 3-ounce chalk balls from Rogue for resale at cost ($4.50).

4. Stay home if you’re sick!

Please don’t think you’ll just “sweat it out” at the gym when you are not feeling well. It may just be the common cold, but please don’t risk infecting others in our community by coming into the gym when you’re sick.

5. On a temporary basis, we may be canceling some classes.

This allows us to have additional time to clean the gym during the midday and also adjust for the change in people’s schedules who will be temporarily working form home. Please make sure you check the schedule and register in advance for classes.

Thank you for doing everything you can to keep CrossFit NYC a safe environment for all of its members!